Sunday, May 25, 2014

Afrika Day

Africa Day – the day that the old Organization of African Unity was founded, and from whence the dream of African Unity commenced. Lots of African leaders have endorsed that call, from that scumball Gaddafi to some quite honest people. But there’s a problem that no one in South Africa seems willing to address.
Given the ANC’s refusal to confront other African countries about their human rights abuses on the specious grounds that they cannot interfere in the internal affairs of another country, which of the following constitutional rights do you think South Africans will have to relinquish in order to see the continent united?
* gay rights [cf Uganda and many others]
* women’s rights [cf new legislation in Kenya]
* abolition of the death penalty [cf Botswana and most other African states]
* the right to form opposing political parties [cf Swaziland and several others]
* the right to religious freedom and freedom of belief [cf several North African states]
* the right to freedom of the media [cf Zimbabwe and lots of other states]
* the right to own land [cf several northern states]
Any answers, please? Or are we naively missing something?

Kaartman [ek is mos ook ’n Afrikaan, hay], Afrikadag 2014

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