Saturday, November 15, 2014

The best they can do?

A Letter to Gwede

Mr Mantashe –

The ANC is supported by millions of South Africans. No one disputes that; the ANC won some 60% of the vote in the last elections. 
Nor can anyone dispute that within those millions there are probably at least a few murderers, a couple of rapists, some fraudsters, some thieves, some over-ambitious bigots, even some racists ... and people who could never be leaders in their own right.
And in the same way, none can dispute that within those many, many millions there are some born leaders, some people of enormous integrity, honesty and intellectual strength, some people disinterested in self-aggrandizement, people of exceptional moral stature, people with dignity and gravitas, people deeply concerned about their fellow-South Africans, who could work hard and selflessly for the common good without wishing for huge rewards for themselves. There might even be many thousands of such people in the ANC.

And yet you chose Jacob to lead you.

And your party is almost hysterical in its support of him.

Is he really the best you can do?

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